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Whether you are an experienced massage veteran or new to massage, you may have a few questions. Our primary goal is comfort, and so all questions big and small are welcome at ABQ Bodywork. Nicole would be happy to talk with you over the phone if you have any additional questions. 

  • What is the ABQ Bodywork Cancellation Policy?
    Kindly let your therapist know if you are unable to make your massage appointment. Missed massage appointments and appointments that are not canceled withing 24 hours are billed at full price.
  • What can I expect from my first massage?
    We will talk before starting the treatment to verify what outcome you are looking for. Some people come with specific areas that need work; others want relaxation, etc. Some people are comfortable removing their clothing during massage you are allowed to remove as little or as much clothing you are comfortable with. Massage oil or cream is applied to the skin for soothing touch. Please be sure to let your therapist know if you you have any skin allergies.
  • What forms of Payment do you accept
    All forms of payment are accepted. Cash, credit cards and checks are all accepted. If you would like to leave a tip, you are able to do so at check out. Tipping is appreciated but not expected.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Check with your health insurance company to see if they cover massage therapy services. Many insurance companies in New Mexico currently do not cover massage therapy, however if you have a Health Savings Account, you may be able to use your account to pay for massage. If you have a FSA or flexible spending account, you may need a doctors note to be reimpbursed for massage.
  • What are the Benefits of Massage?
    - Relieve stress - Relieve postoperative pain - Reduce anxiety - Manage low-back pain - Help fibromyalgia pain - Reduce muscle tension - Enhance exercise performance - Relieve tension headaches - Sleep better - Ease symptoms of depression - Improve cardiovascular health - Reduce pain of osteoarthritis - Decrease stress in cancer patients - Improve balance in older adults - Decrease rheumatoid arthritis pain - Temper effects of dementia - Promote relaxation - Lower blood pressure - Decrease symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Help chronic neck pain - Lower joint replacement pain - Increase range of motion - Decrease migraine frequency - Improve quality of life in hospice care - Reduce chemotherapy-related nausea Source - AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association.
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