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deep tissue massage albuquerque


Therapeutic Massage (Swedish, myofascial, neuromuscular, Scar reduction, etc)

Therapeutic bodywork combining a variety of modalities to relieve soft tissue pain. 

Benefits of therapeutic bodywork include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels, improved circulation, greater flexibility. and more.  Pressure level is typically medium deep, but will be adjusted to a lighter touch if preferred.  Therapeutic massages may include essential oils, hot treatment, cupping, gua sha, CBD cream, etc. at no additional charge.  

60 minutes: $85   90 minutes: $125


Injury Specific Treatment - 

This work may take the full appointment, or be combined within a massage.  May include pretreatment assessment.  Scar treatment also includes- mastectomies, scars causing pain, numbness and other issues.  These treatments may include additional therapies such as cupping, ice or heat, or other appropriate modalities.  These treatments may include essential oils, hot treatment, cupping, gua sha, CBD cream, etc. at no additional charge.  

60 minutes: $90  (includes NM taxes)


Auto Accidents (recent) are normally billed directly through your auto insurance.  I work with most insurance companies.  IF your insurance doesn’t cover your treatment; we can discuss options.  I work with a handful of attorneys who have demonstrated ethical reimbursement. Documentation is needed prior to your first visit. 

Please call prior to making an appointment.

Craniosacral/Core Synchronism treatments are very light and generally done with clothing on.  People who are sensitive to energy work, will love these treatments. Unique integrative approach that incorporates one or both modalities as needed.  Most people fall asleep while receiving this soft touch.  Both work on the energetic, physical and sometimes emotional levels.  This work can also help release old physical and emotional trauma.

60 minutes: $90   (includes NM taxes)


What makes you feel totally pampered?  Massage with your preferred essential oils, Swedish Massage with your preferred level of pressure... designed to your specifications.


60 minutes: $90     90 minutes: $125 (includes NM taxes)

Foot Detox: I use an AMD detox machine, which is the highest quality detox machine on the market.  You will be amazed at the toxins your body releases through your feet! Clinical effectiveness is debatable, but those of us who use a good foot detox are convinced they work!  Satisfaction guaranteed. 

30 minutes: $40 (including NM taxes)

30 minutes: booked with another treatment: $35


As a certified Natural Therapeutic Specialist, I am able to recommend various aromatherapies, flower essences, natural treatments, and other recommendations.

30 minutes: $35 

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