The best recommendations come from clients! 

ABQ Bodywork and Nicole have been a miracle for me. Nicole is very caring and wants to treat your needs as a whole person. She is very educated and up-to-date on her treatments. She has helped and continued to help my body mechanics through her professional massage techniques. I can't say enough good things about her and her company and all I can say is that I wish I found her 15 years ago!  Amanda Cowan 1/17

Nicole is awesome!!! She's warm and so easy to talk to! Nicole really takes the time to listen to your needs and focuses on those areas of concern. She's constantly giving great advice for things to try in my everyday life to help with my back pain. I recommend everyone I know to her!  Cassie Harada

I'veve had two sessions now with Nicole Chamberlain, and can honestly say these are the most therapeutic massages I've ever had! Both have significantly improved my pain levels and sleep. The value far outweighs the cost, and a variety of techniques are utilized to address your specific issues. I will see her again in a few weeks!  JD J. 9/15

Nicole's treatment really IS the full package!  She is professional, knowledgeable, and intuitive.  She works out specific problem areas and provides pain relief and relaxation.  I highly recommend her!     J. Smith 8/15.

For two days the left side of my shoulder/back hurt so badly that it hurt to take a deep breath! After seeing you it's totally better!  Thank you!'  L. Pommeranz 8/15

"Nicole is a very organized, compassionate and receptive body worker.  Her empathetic views and astute insights help her guide clients in a path that is unique to them and their health needs.  Her experience in the medical field allows her to understand both the allopThic and alternative approaches.  This is an honest person whom I can totally trust."    H. Furie, R.N, NTS,LMT,CCH.

 "Nicole is a great massage therapist.  She understands the body and the negative effect trauma can have On the body.  She is kind and willing to refer to another therapist/ provider when necessary.  I highly recommend Nicole."  L. Meade, D.O.M., NTS,LMT.

" I started going to Nicole while she was a student and was immediately impacted by her caring interest and desire to listen to my needs.  icontinue to see her regularly.  She has helped relieve my pain, as well as providing stretches, and other ideas to improve my health." M. Watkins.

"Nicole is the best therapist I could ask for! She listens to my requests and responds with appropriate pressure and attentiveness.  I really enjoy my treatments and feel they've improved my ability to stay consistent with my workout routines." A Johnson.

Looking for a great treatment from a kind and generous soul - Nicole at ABQ Bodywork will fit the bill. She's very attentive to her customers and cares about their satisfaction and healing. I appreciate that Nicole continues to learn and grow as a therapist - she's always eager to learn the newest and most effective therapies to aid her client's journey to wellness. No cookie-cutter approach - she listens to your needs and focuses each treatment for that session.  Amy Zampella 12/2016