Welcome to ABQ Bodywork!

If you’re looking for a professional therapeutic massage, natural wellness recommendations, or colon hydrotherapy, you’ve come to the right place!  Each client is treated based on individual needs and preferences.  

I've been professionally trained in a wide range of treatment modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial/trigger points, Polarity, CORE Synchronism, Cranial/Sacral and specific areas such as rotator cuff injuries, hips, low back, and neck.  I enjoy therapeutic massage as well as the energy work involved with Core Synchronism.

Insurance: Provider with Cigna Health Insurance.  I work as an "out of network provider" for other insurances that cover massage therapy. 

Auto Accidents: I've had solid experience working soft tissue damage from auto accidents.  I currently work at ABQ Neck and Back one shift a week on auto accident patients.  Med Pay is accepted in payment for accidents.  I do not work with attorneys at this point.

Appointments: Please click on the BOOK APPOINTMENT tab.  If you're unable to find a time that works, please text me @ 505.280.5944.

I honor your wellness path and hope to be part of your personal healing experience.